Cooks Tire and Tune Presents: Relaxing In SoCal 

The Show

Southern California's premier one day automotive event rolls into The StubHub Center in CARSON CA!! MAY 7th 2017 come on out for a fun and relaxing day with some good friends, great food, and hot rides! Anything on wheels is welcome TOP 75 with 25 BEST of Awards and CASH PRIZE for BEST OF SHOW

Our Host Club

In 2007, Relaxing in SoCal (RISC) was launched, bringing in a small but very receptive crowd. Once word spread about RISC, the event continued to grow year after
year. Soon enough, there was no other outlet for show-goers in the springtime, and RISC took over the west. Though the event started in Corona, California, it moved to K&N Engineering’s facility in Riverside, and then to its current setting in front of Alpine Electronics of America’s main office in Torrance. The show has been thriving there for many years now, and this year was no different. If you attended, you would have noticed that there were not only more than 500 vehicles on the grounds, but there were quite a few with out-of-state plates including some from Oregon, Arizona and even Texas.  As always, all profits from the show were donated to charity. In Past years the club was able to send a hefty check to The ALS Association as a part of the “ice bucket challenge,” as well as Japan Relief Fund, National Cancer Society, MDA, Autism Funds, and various other local charitable causes.   We would like to thank each and every one of our sponsors for your continued support and thank you to everyone that comes out to enjoy Southern California's most relaxing day with us!   - Thank you ///Relaxed Atmosphere

Relaxed Atmosphere consists of 28 chapters that include Canada, Japan and the U.S. Virgin Islands with about 150+ members. Most of which have been members for 15+ years and have built numerous vehicles. 

Relaxed helped change the dynamic of trucking by always being in the forefront of customizing and always having all the participants at shows with finished vehicles and placing in many classes. Many members have gone on to be very successful in the automotive industry.

We strive to be a group that will stand the test of time, to be around for another two decades and beyond! To teach younger generations, and be appreciated for our efforts and involvement in the scene.